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Gimme Your Stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff

Here's my swappy list.

I can offer:

Local Publications
- Magazines
- Newspapers
- Letters etc.

- Coins (Don't expect hundreds of coins!)
- Stamps: I'm loaded with them.
- Hello Kitty/ Doraemon things. Gosh they can be quite kitschy at times.
- POOH BEAR items.
- Postcards
- Photos of the island/ surroundings (I love taking photos)
- Movie Posters, that is if I happen to have some

- Almost every sort of item.

- Local sweets/ snacks
- Traditional recipies
- Spices (Dried, of course)
- Instant/ Microwavable local delights (Sheer genius!)

Things I would like from your part of the world:

- FOOD!!! (I eat pratically everything edible) 
- Anything vintage
- Handmade stuffs/ charms
- Fabric swatches
- Photos/ postcards
- T-shirts, perhaps?
- I LOVE BOOKS (That's gotta be a hint!)
- Anything with pictures, really.

MAX VALUE PER SWAP: SGD $ 30/ USD $20/ GBP $10/ JPY $2247
(but then again, this is always up for negotiations)
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